Programme 2014/15

11 Sept: A History of the future; Philip Sheail - Ware

9 Oct: Opercula (Manhole Covers); Barry Gray - Hertford

13 Nov: Apples, Art & Suffragettes; David Perman - Ware

11 Dec: Achievements of the Enfield Society; Bob Fowler - Hertford

8 Jan: A speaker from HALS - Ware

12 Feb: The Great Rising of 1381; Ian White - Hertford

12 Mar: The Pulhams of Broxbourne; Claude Hitching - Ware

9 Apr: The Great Bed at Ware Museum; Ken Weeks - Hertford

14 May: AGM followed by John Gilpins Ride; Jean Riddell - Ware

Hertford venue: St Andrew’s church
Ware venue: St Mary’s church hall
Meetings commence at 8pm
Visitors welcome at £2 a time.

Summer Programme

To follow.


Fore Street Hertford, 1920s
Fore Street Hertford, 1920s